Waist Not--
Want Not

Volume 1 Number 1 June 1996
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From the Editor

Welcome to the world of corseting and the many pleasures of restriction! cyboutique and ROMANTASY are pleased to inaugurate our first issue of "Waist Not--Want Not", our new corseting newsletter. We want to create an informational instrument and forum on the web for sharing knowledge and experience in corseting. We hope it will be both useful and entertaining for you, our readers and writers, and that it will encourage each of us individually to continue our devotion to the corset and extend its acceptability to more and


more people throughout the world.We plan to present not only our own experiences, but also yours, dear readers, and so we solicit your articles and input on the topics you wish to send us for consideration. We also plan to publish your corseting photography and will tell you how to send pictures to use for that purpose.

Within the world of corseting there will be no experience off limit within the framework of respect for each individual's experience or desires and so long as proper social decorum and respect for others is observed. We will cover corsets as fetish


garments, as fashion statements and as erotic implements. We will discuss occasional corseting and 24-hour a day corseting. We have no judgments about what is good, better or best when it comes to corseting, and we believe that we can learn from every person's experiences in corseting.

We hope you will enjoy our efforts and those of our writers. Please help us make this newsletter reflect the very wide world of corseting, and serve to connect us throughout the world who love corseting!


Until the next issue, which we hope will be within one month and of which we shall inform you by press release.

Restrictedly yours,

Ann Grogan



Corseting for Men


I would like some information on what styles are good for men, and what styles are best for long-term waist training as opposed to tight-lacing.


Thank you for your inquiry about corseting for men. At ROMANTASY, we sell about 40% of our


custom corsets to men, and men corset probably for many more reasons than do women.

Before I can answer your two questions, I need to know more about your goals. Male styles divide into two basic groups; the first is a style designed to create a female figure with waist at about one inch above the belly button, and the second is a u-side silhouette corsets with the waist at the normal male waist. Which waist do you desire?

Military men were known in the eighteenth century and even into this century to wear corsets to achieve proper military stance and fit of the uniform, plus back support. The weight belts that men wear in modern gyms for protecting from hernias are direct successors to military corsets for men, and a near relative to the waist-training leather belt that ROMANTASY provides.

This belt is made by our leathermaker in San Francisco. It is cut out of topgrain cowhide leather in 2 1/2" to 3 1/4" strips. It sports a roller buckle for easy cinching and uncinching and five grommets for creating an


increasingly smaller waist. We recommend that it be purchased by someone who is waiting for a custom corset to be delivered (most corsetiers take 3-4 months from order to delivery!) and wants to train his or her waist to accustom the body for the feeling of restriction of a more full-body corset. It can be worn over a nightshirt to sleep in during the period when the body normally relaxes and goes "out of shape". And it can be worn over or under clothes during the time one does not wish to or cannot wear the hourglass corset, but still wishes to have the body remember the restriction and not get sloppy in stance. It will reduce the waist two inches to start with, then by one inch increments thereafter.

To order any style corset or even the waist training belt, a man must measure and tell us the vertical distance between his highest pelvic bone at his side, and his lowest rib on the side. This can vary from 2-4 inches and is generally a shorter distance in a man than a woman. Therefore, it is usually a longer



process for a man to reduce his waist than a woman, as she has more space to "squish" in! You want to order a training belt about 1/2 inch narrower than the above-referenced space, so that it does not impinge upon the ribcage or the pelvic bone, which can be quite uncomfortable as you can imagine!

The shorter the corset in vertical length, the more waist reduction you can achieve, and the more comfortable the corset is for long-term wearing. Thus, we might recommend that you start with a underbust hourglass corset. A waist cincher, while less expensive, can actually be more uncomfortable and not a good choice for long-term waist training. This is because it can put too much pressure on too small of an area of the body, cause a generously proportioned man or woman to "roll over" the top of the corset and bend the stay forward, or cause the belly to protrude out from under the


bottom of the cincher. It is far better for long-term training to get a corset that completely covers the belly and holds it in, plus extends up to the rib cage area and fully supports the central body.

A man must be sure to be measure carefully at the widest rib cage area, as well as under the breast which is more typical for a female corset. This is because a man normally has ribs that protrude out further at 2 inches below his under breast line, than does the under breast line measurement. That is not true for a woman.

This physiological difference means that some men find that an hourglass corset tends to "bow out" at the underbreast area since it is being pushed outward from the widest ribcage area. That problem has no easy solution but there is hope! If a man has such a barrel chested figure, he can "train" the corset to bend gently in or toward the breast area and body by physically manipulating the front


metal busk and stays at the top of the corset when he is not wearing it. The stays actually can bend inward so that when he puts the corset on, the upper part once it clears the ribcage, will bend toward the body and not outward to push into his shirt or dress.

Long term training requires an immense devotion and consistency, plus extreme moderation, if such is not an oxymoron! It is more important to wear a corset every single day for 2-6 hours lightly laced and quite comfortable, than to cinch it down quickly but only for an hour or so. I would recommend that you arrange your life to be able to wear it every day, or at least every other day if you are serious about training, even if for only an hour or two. Wear it at a comfortable reduction, maybe only 1-2 inches for as long each day as you can, or even to sleep in if you can. Decrease it only after two weeks by about 1/2 inch, and follow that regime for as long as you can until you get substantial resistance.


Remember that it is far easier at the beginning to reduce. Then your body will reach a certain point where it will resist further reduction. You should be patient with yourself and kind to your body.

Never push it to its limits because you risk associating a negative feeling toward the garment when it starts to give you pain instead of pleasure. That is extremely important and I cannot emphasize it enough, especially since you are interested in long term lacing and training. You must always look forward to wearing your garment and begin to see it as your dearest friend, ally and ever lover. If you keep the proper attitude of respect for your corset, yourself and your body, and stay patient with the process or training, you will achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.

Remember that 10 inches is about all anyone ever can accomplish in a lifetime of corseting, depending on your body fat, configuration, musculature, and the distance I


mentioned above. Above all, go slowly, honor your body and listen to it when it says it wants out of that corset or when it causes you pain of any kind. You can damage nerves if you push yourself too much, you can faint in closed quarters, and be generally miserable without a specific training plan along the lines I have outlined above.

I hope to hear from you and help you select a proper corset to fit your individual body. If you can visit the retail shop, ROMANTASY, we can personally measure and advise you, or you can simply print out the order form and measurement chart from our website and send it to us. Corsets take about 3-4 months to deliver, so do not be in a big hurry.

All best, and do write us to consult on details of your order and to tell us your corseting experience.

Restrictedly Yours,



Special Focus
Review of 1996 San Francisco California Dreaming Conference by first time out of closet CD.

For a cross dresser, California Dreaming is must! The conference started at a local hotel on Thursday night and continued until Sunday night (cost $230 for all events and seminars not including the room). Participants formed groups to go on the town or site see. Representives from various parts of the country including New York, Texas, and Michigan attended. Transgender representives from outside the US, including German, also attended. The seminars were broken into four main areas: Female to Male, Cross dressers, Couples, and Transsexuals.

This was the only my second time in public dressed as "Misty". Naturally, I was very nervous but everybody including


the hotel personnel was accepting, which was a big surprise.

Women at the Thursday social were dressed from wild to sophisticated. Some local ETVC members performed songs and comedy. The show was delightful. Afterwards, many people danced until band stop and took the party to bars on Polk Street.

Friday was the first official day of the conference. The first seminar was Ann Grogan's talk about corsets. Ann is owner of a sophisticated local boutique called ROMANTASY - a recommended stop when visiting San Francisco. About 50 people attended. It would have been more effective if she had used a cross dresser instead of a model, although she displayed a photo (you can see in the background of my photo) of the first runner-up Miss ETVC 1996, in a BR creation corset. Ann has a great ability to teach, so if you ever get a chance to attend one of her seminars, do it! She covers proper wear, designs, and waist training.


Next, I checked out the various local merchant exhibits including ROMANTASY's exhibit. Most of the merchants were from the Bay Area, but some came from Los Angles, CA and Portland, OR. I had a lot of fun talking to various people shopping and the merchants! Since I had purchased my first corset from Ann, I talked a lot to her and I dressed in a 1890 Victorian dress, anthentic down to the last detail, except for wearing the corset on top of the dress. See the following picture.


Everybody expressed an interest in the dress and the corset. One of the merchants was demostrating makeup so I had the opportunity to get made over by a professional. I thought I would never pass as a women, but after that make over I could not believe by eyes. If you ever get a chance to be made over by Jim Bridges, do it! It is worth any amount of money.

I met a FTM that was so good looking that you would never know that "he" is a female, plus Francis is one of the nicest people! That night I had a nice dinner with one lady from Michigan, a couple from San Diego, a lady from Texas, and a local ETVC member. I was very impressed when I got to know two couples, the women of which were very understanding of their cross dressed partners. It gave me hope that I can eventually find a special someone with whom to share my life.

Saturday I attended a seminar on how to use the Internet to find information on the transgender community. TGForum presented the seminar but


encountered problems accessing an outside line to connect to the net. After the seminar I met some DVG (Diablo Valley Girls) members, a local transgender group and watched some of Jim's amazing makeup transformations.

Saturday night was the main show and dinner. I was lucky to convince a good friend of my to go with me. I wore a black gown with a red corset with black lace on top of the gown. The night started with a cocktails and general conversation. Everybody was dressed in beautiful gowns. I was sat with Francis and his girl friend. He was dressed to perfection, of course and reminded me of a count or duke.

The dinner started with one of the best Caesar salads I've ever had followed by prime rib and vegetables. While wearing my corset I could not eat all my prime rib. If you have a corset, you know, but those who don't, can't imagine! If you want to lose weight then wear a corset!


Anyway, the dessert was a chocolate cake that I could not resist. The night's entertainment was a transgender comedy show. Some of the skits were funny, but in general I was not impressed. The music was too loud and voices too low. Most of the time I could not understand what the performers were saying. Conversation around the table was more interesting.

In general, the conference was great. I highly recommend attending for anybody thinking of coming out of the closet. Perhaps attending a conference outside your physical locale would be easier.

Most of all, have fun with life and don't let people deter you from pursuing what is best for you!

Written by: Misty