Bedroom Corsets

Everyone knows about the romance and sensuality of corsets, the quintessential feminine, sexy undergarment that is literally centuries old. It's the predecessor of the modern bra and garter belt (a corset split in two parts), and still the choice of many women who love to emphasize their feminity and titlate their lover, or simply feel privately sexy under their business suit.

Modern day women corset by choice, not force, so nothing could be more liberating that following one's dreams in designing a bedroom fantasy undergarment!

Did you know that in Victorian times, the new husband took up to one hour or more, just to undress, and gently unlace his new bride, in a delicious, intimate bedroom ceremony? Just think about the symbolism of the lacing cords entertwined through circular grommets . . .and how the diagonally-cut garter ribbons point suggestively in toward the center of your body. We can even create matching g-strings, ruffled panties, and petticoats to coordinate. As far as our tastes go, the more lace and embellishment you add, the more feminine the result!

But we can also create sexy, leather corsets for bedroom play of a more submissive, or dominant, kind, should your desires follow that bent. So ask for what you want: "custom corsets" means you will likely get it!

We hope that you enjoy photos of some of the lovely confections we have created over the years, and that you will soon contact us to help you enhance the romantic spark in your loving relationship with your partner!

Bedroom Corsets Gallery