Ballroom Corsets and Corset-Gowns

You've seen them worn as outerwear by everyone from Oprah on the cover of /Vogue /magazine, to Buffy in her vampire television series. Perhaps Nicole Kidman and Catherine Zita Jones are the best known of the many Hollywood starlets who share our love of exquisite, art-for-wear corsets and corset-gowns.

Corsets are high fashion, fun choices for those special occasions when you want to impress and dazzle. Don't be a shrinking Violet, because you'll be the Belle of the Ball and the center of positive attention if you wear a corset, that we can promise! After all (as owner Ann said on the Discovery TV travel channel special, "Eye of the Beholder" in March 2004), "who wants to boring in life anyway?"

Let us help you design the perfect corset for the occasion you have in mind, from discretely elegant in simple black velvet or silk dupione, to highly embellished with Austrian rhinestones, feather trims, gilded braids, romantic tassles, or sequins.

Don't forget that you can add corset jewelry! Order a set of our unique "busk covers" to cleverly cover and disguise the front steel busk closure of your corset. Busk covers can coordinate with your fabric, and set off your corset design to perfection. They can be ordered in crystal, fabric, or a simple raised style.

We've costumed a San Francisco socialite who opened the Ballet season, produced corsets to coordinate with Oscar de la Renta skirts, and designed opera ensembles for many corset enthusiasts around the world. Our corset skirts include the cartridge-pleated, six to eight yard, full ballgown skirt, to authentic historical styles such as the Edwardian bustle skirt, to even more modern, perky skirts such as our flirty Debutant Skirt with two-ruffled petticoat.

Just let us know your design ideas and we'll work with you to create a stunning vision for your special occasion. Please enjoy our gallery photos to help spark your imagination.

Ballroom Corsets Gallery