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1. DEPOSITS OR PAYMENTS, AND CHANGES DURING PRODUCTION: Please order thoughtfully. After processing your order, including opening an administrative record even if no production has begun, we are unable to refund your deposit, payment, or application of credit for any reason. However if we have not yet accepted or taken a deposit, payment, or opened an administrative record, and you cancel, then there will be a $50 cancellation fee. If your order is final and you change your mind, there will or may be a $50 Change Order fee and may be additional fabric or design costs added to your balance. Final corset/garment orders will not be re-priced due to weight loss or weight gain during production: you are responsible to notify us if you lose or gain weight or waistline inches at any time after ordering a garment, which is strongly recommended to be done at about four to five weeks from order. If you don’t do so, then repairs to your final garment or item, or preparing another muslin, are usually at client’s expense, with attendant delay in receipt of your final order.

2. 'FINAL' ORDERS and CONSULTATION CREDIT: We do not normally open an administrative record, undertake work, process a deposit, or give you position in the production queue until your order is 'final' including your acceptance of these Terms and your selection of a final maker or artist, fabric, embellishments, style, and deposit or full payment. Even if we waive this term at your request, all other Terms still apply. In-person consultation fees: if credit is offered, that credit is given toward the balance corset/garment payment and applies only if you order a corset/garment at the time you visit.

3. PRODUCTION TIME (excepting in-stock items which normally ship within 5-15 days of your order):  (1) Firm Date for delivery will only be established when you request this date by email and receive our email acknowledgement, otherwise standard dates will apply. Any firm date will or may entail a rush fee, in addition to a $50 Change Order fee.  (2) Approximate Date for delivery ranges from 2 to 6 months for custom garments or custom items. Please do not inquire until at or after 2 months from order, as to status. We do our best to deliver in a timely fashion. We post you on unanticipated substantial delays that exceed 4 weeks or more from our estimated shipment date. We do not have staff sufficient to regularly post you. When inquiring about an ETA, please state your corset/garmentmaker's/seamstress’ name.

4. POSSIBLE DELAYS: Please understand that custom orders are made one-up by human hands. Delays beyond 6 mos. may occur due to circumstances such as: (1) client-initiated Change Orders, (2) a delay beyond 1 week in you returning a mail muslin/booking a fitting appointment, (3) specialty orders, (4) spam problems and failure in communication (5) customs delay (6) loss by USPO/other carrier, (7) fabric shopping, (8) unique unanticipated patterning or print mirror-matching, (9) time of year, (10) corset/garment maker’s/seamstress’ unanticipated workload change, (11) availability of components in the marketplace, (12) serious health/family emergencies, & other. Delivery of items returned for repair even if priority is given to you, may also be impacted by the above events. Prices or delivery times quoted directly by your corset/garment maker constitute estimations subject to our approval.

5. RESCHEDULING OR CANCELLING APPOINTMENTS: We prepare for in-person consultations, muslin fittings, and other appointments, and we attempt to timely produce your (& other client’s) order. Thus, please take appointments seriously. If you miss one, you may have to go to the back of the production queue. Please give us a 24-hr. advance notice if you need to reschedule - and do so within three months for your deposit to apply. In the event we do not hear & you don’t appear at an appointment, absent emergencies, we may or will add $50-75 to your balance due..


7. IF YOU CHOOSE TO PURCHASE YOUR OWN FABRIC: Please request our advance approval of a fabric swatch to avoid you purchasing fabric that may require additional overlay or pattern-matching labor charges which can be hefty (up to $75-100 or more) & to avoid you purchasing a fabric that your chosen corset/garment maker/seamstress may or cannot use, or a fabric that is unsuitable for the style you have chosen or for our ROMANTASY corset/garment quality. We cannot compensate you for your additional expenses for fabric that is unusable and which we have not pre-approved. Your order may or will not be considered 'final' & your place in the production queue may not be maintained; please inquire).

8. SOME FABRIC OR LABOR PRICES MAY VARY: On rare occasions there may be a small increase in fabric or labor price added to your balance due to the following: (1) sometimes we have to estimate fabric or labor prices (noted on your order form as “TBD” or to be determined) or estimate how many muslins or what exact corset/garment components (such as extra boning or a heavy busk) may be necessary to ensure quality & fit; (2) sometimes we encounter an unanticipated size or design fee, or, (3) when we go shopping or consult your maker we find a price difference in fabric you chose, (4) she/he recommends another muslin to ensure proper fit, or (5) sometimes a pattern involves extra labor once your corset maker/seamstress reviews your order. You will obtain the benefit of any decrease deducted from your balance. To give us some leeway, we will assume from this order that you authorize an addition of from 1% to 10% of your fabric, labor, or total order cost in order to cover price increases we encounter to cover the above, which increase you agree is insubstantial. If the increase would add 11% or more we will notify you & you may (1) authorize us to bill the additional charge with your balance, or (2) cancel your order for 5% of total order price to cover work done to date.

9. DESIGN AND MEASUREMENT INFORMATION YOU SUBMIT to us or we take on your behalf become our confidential proprietary information. We do not give out measurements we take (even to you) since they are not applicable to products made by others and represent our particular techniques and approaches. Upon your request we will never sell, reproduce, or give away any unique elements of your individual design.

10. FINAL ACTION NOTICE: Please understand that certain delays in the production process may or will impinge on the rights of other clients, cause extra administrative work, delay orderly payment of your corset/garment maker or artist, impact our overall production schedule, and require storing in our very small business location. Thus we ask 7 days for (1) your answer to a question that has halted our production, (2) return of a muslin mailed to you, (3) payment of your final balance due, and (4) corset/garment/item pickup if we are not shipping it to you. After we notify you by email, phone, or general mail about your delay, then we may or will send you a certified letter to ensure that we are communicating with you. We will reference a deadline normally a month hence for your reply or action. When we send the Cert. Letter we add $25 US or $35 non-US to your balance due. After the deadline passes without your action, then any deposit or payment you made may or will be subject to FORFEITURE to cover our administrative, component purchase, and labor costs. corset/garments/items not picked up by the final deadline may or will be subject to a $25 STORAGE FEE.

11. SHIPMENT: After balance is paid we ship by USPO priority mail with signature confirmation and insurance, including a our valuable W&C Instructions, for $22 US/$42 Ca, $62 non-America). On occasion your corset/garmentmaker/seamstress will ship your order in the same way from his or her location. You may elect Fed Ex or another carrier at cost plus $10 to $50. Some Change Orders may or will require additional shipping fees. We cannot be responsible for customs tariffs imposed. If our carrier or your customs loses your order, we ask reasonable time to file a claim then give you reasonable production priority in the remake. We will verify your address before shipping, however we cannot be responsible for shipping to an address that is no longer valid if you move; please update your address, phone and email if you move.

12. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE FIT OR PAY FOR REPAIRS IF YOU SUBMIT YOUR OWN MEASUREMENTS, CONDUCT YOUR OWN MUSLIN FITTING, OR AUTHORIZE A CONSTRUCTION ITEM IN WRITING - We rely on your accuracy in measurements, muslin fittings, and approving items in writing, thus cannot guarantee final corset/garment/item fit or pay for needed repairs. We will do our best long-distance to help ensure such are correct. A “muslin” is a preliminary cotton garment made with less boning as a “rough cut” approximation of what you ordered. RETURN OF MUSLINS: A muslin is not made to be worn as a final garment. It is legally, the intellectual property of the corset/garment maker/seamstress, and must be returned. Muslins are included in all overbust styles and strongly recommended for both over and underbust styles for clients with waistlines of 42" and over for a modest upcharge. We ask you to fit the muslin, sign it and return it to your corset/garment maker with photos to us and to the corset/garment maker. If you do not, we may or will return the muslin to you for signature and add a $25 ADMIN. FEE to your balance due. In rare circumstances, your corset/garment maker may recommend a second muslin or even additional boning at a modest expense. You may waive it in writing, however we then cannot guarantee a professional and good fit of your final garment.

13. 14-DAY corset/garment/ITEM EVALUATION PERIOD: Please contact us within 14 days if you suspect a fit, component, or construction defect. Do not wear the corset/garment/item for purposes other than assuring fit & feel. Send jpg photos of what you suspect may be a problem. If we need to see it, please return it to us no later than 14 days after that. After 14 days of initial delivery without any contact from you, or after 14 days of our request to return the item and you do not, then repairs can possibly be made, but at client expense. Damage due to the following can ordinarily but not always, be repaired: for corset/garments, bending stays/breaking busks while reversing it, tying laces in front, normal wear of binding or trim, fraying laces, splits in fabric due to sneezing, coughing, lacing too tightly, or not properly breaking it in per detailed W&C Instructions we send with your product. Please read our instructions & take them to heart as they are based on years of experience. However, we may be able to assist you repair or re-sell a ROMANTASY corset/garment on consignment; first wash or dry clean corset/garment & inquire in advance before you send it to us.

14. corset/garment QUALITY STANDARDS (QS), & DETERMINATION OF PRODUCT DAMAGE: We take great pride in creating your product which is manufactured in the USA by seasoned artists. Our quality standards typically far exceed general industry standards. However, as with any hand-crafted product such as a Persian rug, you may find minor variations in handiwork between products, even between those made by the same corset/garmentmaker or seamstress. Variances are to be expected & provide a unique aspect to each corset/garment that we manufacture. Such uniqueness attests to the hand-crafted nature of your individual product, & it is greatly cherished by our clients. The same is true for custom garments. Consequently, we reserve the right to determine (1) if any alleged product defect falls outside of our QS or general professional standards in the field, (2) if damage is substantial & not just a minor aesthetic variance that lies within our limits of acceptability for quality hand-crafted products, or (3) if actual damage is from either client misuse contrary to the W&C Instructions or is indeed a true latent materials or construction defect. Variances may be seen in person at a corset/garment Salon/consultation or on our extensive website, or you may request our 14-page online standards list to review.

15. REFUNDS/EXCHANGES/CREDIT/DISCOUNTS: We cannot refund deposits or purchase price, or exchange or offer credit on corset/garments/items made according to your specifications, professional standards in the field, your own design decisions, & measurements & fittings at your location or ours. Your final product is a unique piece of wearable art made especially for you; others may not value it as highly and it may not fit anyone else. You may always inquire about our consignment services. We do not refund shipping fees, yours or ours, and consultation service or registration fees unless we cancel and reschedule. CAUSE FOR REFUND/EXCHANGE/CREDIT/DISCOUNT: When a substantial defect (not just artistic difference of opinion) in materials or construction are present, then we issue refunds by business check no later than about 1 month from our agreement to do so, or exchange your corset/garment/item for a new one at your option, when all of the following conditions are present: (1) we cannot repair the product at all or within a reasonable time; (2) you call the defect to our attention within 14 days of product delivery, (3) with our advance authorization, you return the product within 14 days of our authorization to do so; (4) you have not worn the product on your bare skin or for purposes other than assuring fit & feel; (5) you have not caused damage by mistreatment, improper wearing, or lacing down in contradiction to common sense or our Wear and Care ("W&C") Instructions. DISCOUNTS: Only one discount, if any, at a time will apply to an order.