Valentine Victorian corset by Sheri, model: Thia
We are pleased you are visiting ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry to learn more about foundation and fashion corsetry for both women and men, and decide if corsets are for you! We are also pleased if you are visiting to find out about our image consulting and makeup services and educational products especially designed for our transgendered clientele. We welcome both national and international inquiries.

Sometimes visitors are amazed at the wealth of information on our extensive website--the first corset website launched anywhere in the world! But more than being the 'first' (and we are proud of that fact), we seek to retain our status as the world's primary source for health-first waist training advice, with the widest range of choices in tight-lacing custom corset styles and ensembles with prices to fit every budget! To help you navigate our website easily and learn quickly, we have three key pages.

The first key informational page on corsets is: On this page we organize information you can easily understand, into: (1) custom  corsets made to your individual-measurements, (2) non-custom corsets made when ordered from standard patterns, and (3) in-stock ready-to-ship  corset styles and Training Belts. We explain our three main lines of  custom made-to-measure corsets: (1) Fundamental Line, (2) Classic Line, and (3) Elegant Line. And
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we introduce our fine team of corsetmakers and seamstresses, and provide lots of other useful links to help you make final design decisions regarding the best style for you, fabrics, and embellishments you may choose.

The second key ordering page is our Shopping Cart home page: On this page you may directly and easily order all made-to-order and specialty corset and skirts or costume styles, corset accessories, educational products, and carefully hand-chosen other unique products such as our corset magnets and bookmarks, and our pheromone perfume.

The third key informational page is our FAQ page: You may find that taking a few minutes to read this page will help you quickly understand the clear features and benefits of various corset or design choices, and waist-training advice that ROMANTASY offers.Finally, please note that our Elegant Line of corsets is designed to provide top quality, glamorous corsetry for serious corset enthusiasts who appreciate maximum design assistance and personal advice from owner Ann. You may order one of these corsets via telephone or email where you will be guided to the proper individual and unique style, corsetmaker or seamstress, and final design decisions, after which we can quote a firm price bid for your authorization. We are happy to serve full-figures and plus-sizes and men.